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Name:Hidden Human body inductive power switch camera-Power switch DVR
>No. OJ-HHVR007
>Weight: 350 g
>Price : 73
Quantity: X =USD$  
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
1-2 USD$73.0
3-5 USD$70.8
6-9 USD$69.4
10+ USD$67.2

This product is a digital video recorder for home security. High quality video can be recorded and saved together with sounds. It is easy to operate and owns high concealment,

favored by the majority of user.


1,Video Format: AVI
2,Video Coding: M-JPEG
3,Video Resolution: 640*480 VGA
4,Video Frames: 30fps1fps
5,Player: Common multimedia player
6,Video Ratio: 4:3
7,Systems: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista
8,Charging Voltage: DC-5V
9,USB Port: Standard 2.0 USB Port
10,Memory: None,support micro SD card up to 8GB
11,Battery: High capacity Polymer Li-ion battery


1 x Power switch camera
1 x CD
1 x USB cable

Operate guide

1.Power ON/OFF: Turn right the swith to open the camera.

2.Video Recording: The camera enters into standby mode after power on. When the human indicator detects motions, the yellow indicator flashes one time and then begins video

recording automatically for 3 minutes. Then it stops to save the video and enters into standby; It will keep this process time again and again.

3.PC Connecting: Able to connect to PC when power off. Then the mark of removable disk comes out. The video save path is: * Disk\DCIM\100DSCIM; The blue indicator will keeping

flashing while transmitting data. Before taking it out please click the icon in lower right corner to unload it. After the system confirms to take it out safely, then it is ok to disconnect.

4.Charging: Able to be charging via PC USB port or Adapter. The yellow indicator keeps lighting while charging. It will go out after finishing charging.

5.Time Settings: The camera supports video playing with recording time. The time shows as: Year.Month.Day Hour:Minute:Second. Set up as followings:
a. Close the cameraConnect to PCOpen the memory diskRight-click to display the shortcut menu in the root directoryMake a new .TXT file and name as

b. Open time fileenter the local time like:
2009.01.01 12:01:01
Please note there is a space between the date and the time.
c. Save and quit. OK!

1. Usage: Please comply with the related laws of the nation.You have to be responsible for your behaviours if you use this product for illegal purposes.
2. Battery: As the time goes, the working time of battery would be possibly reduced. Please full charging if not using it for a long while.
3. Files Safe: Please make backup for the importants files on your computer or other storage equipments.
4. Working Temperature: 0-40C. Please use it in natural temperature which is appropriate to human beings.
5. Working humidity: 20%-80%. Do not place it in the damp condition as it has no water-proof function.
6. Illumination: It works better in the environment where the light is plenteous. Dont point it diretly to the sun in case its optical components would be damaged.
7. Maintaining: Do not use it under heavy magnetic field or heavy electric field. Do not let it work in the dusty environment in case that the lens or other parts would be covered with dust

to affect video definition. Keep it clean with lens wiping paper or glasses cloth.
8. Others: All pictures in this manual is ONLY for reference! Actual look may change from time to time with new models coming out.

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