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Name:GSM DECT Phone With Listening And Call Listening Facility Plus Sound Detection
>No. OJ-GSMDP007
>Weight: 1020 g
>Price : 167
Quantity: X =USD$  
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
1-2 USD$167.0
3-5 USD$162.0
6-9 USD$158.7
10+ USD$153.6

This GSM DECT Phone is another professional audio surveillance device; a truly unique product which delivers advanced audio technology to compliment any room or office environment. Our GSM dect phone is completely undetectable even under close visual examination and can be used to operate as a fully functional handset. Simply dial the supplied SIM card hidden inside the rear compartment thus allowing you to listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations from approx 15-20ft radius from where the handset is placed.

We have also pushed the boundaries in which the dect phone will function by sending you a text message upon sound detection meaning you will be alerted to noises within that environment thus saving valuable time and calling expense. The dect phone will additionally also send you a text message if moved from its original position where you placed it GSM DECT Phone with listening and call listening facility plus sound detection.meaning you know somebody is snooping around the area.

Taking this technology another step further, upon any incoming or outgoing telephone calls made, the base station will trigger an SMS notification to your mobile phone allowing you the option of listening to that call.

It takes less than 30 seconds from opening the box to monitoring your environment.To listen to our GSM adapter with back-up battery, please make a voice call to 07881985608 or from outside the china dial +867881985608. Your voice call will be connected automatically and silently. You can now listen in to our 335sq ft office without any humming, cackling or any other kind of interference. One of the fine advantages of our workmanship is reliabilty and clear audio listening quality. Unlike inferior reproductions, our GSM equipment will not disconnect after a short time or "fizz" to a fault after a few weeks. We build to last and build our products to work properly.

Please Note: Our office varies in activity, therefore sometimes it will be quiet and other times busy depending when you call to listen in.

This is the next generation in advanced audio technology, completely undetectable, ultra portable and fully operational as a normal dect phone with base station. The GSM modem is also powered from an internal lithium battery should the mains supply be disconnected thus allowing you to still monitor the environment. You will also receive a "low battery" text message notification when the unit requires a reconnection to the mains. 

Fully functional Panasonic dect phone with base station
Professionally hand built using the finest materials and components
Integrated noise filtering technology
Operates on the communications frequency - 900MHz/ 1800MHz/ 1900MHz
Unlimited listening distance
Audio pickup range - 15 - 20ft
Sound detection
Movement detection
Low battery notification
Recieve notifications of all incoming & outgoing calls allowing you to listen to the actual call
Remote controlled via SMS commands

Unlimited imagination for this great device including monitoring your home and office

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