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Name:IP Clock Camera For Home Security
>Weight: 560 g
>Price : 199
Quantity: X =USD$  
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
1-2 USD$199.0
3-5 USD$193.0
6-9 USD$189.1
10+ USD$183.1

Alarm Clock Hidden WiFi IP Camera DVR.
Fully Functioning Alarm Clock Projects the time.
Access this WiFi Hidden IP Spy Camera using a PC.
Low LUX Pinhole Spy Camera with 480 TVL Sony CCD.
IP Spy Camera DVR takes 32GB SD Card, 2GB Incl.
DVR constant recording uses 500MB an hour approx.

This hidden spy camera is perfect for covert surveillance. It is part of the new generation of IP Wifi cameras that are hidden all sorts of weird and wonderful devices. We also have a Tissue Box camera and Smoke Detector camera to choose from.

It's the most unsuspecting location for a hidden camera, and really surprising that so much is going on inside a AM/FM Clock Radio! Nobody will know.

The best thing about this device is that it can do many things at once, all hidden in a retro style radio camera to make all your mates jealous. It can project the time to a ceiling; acts as a simple radio on a bedside table with AM and FM (to keep all the Radio 1 and Radio 5 fans happy); wakes you up in the morning; act as an Audio Video INTERCOM by Wi-Fi or Broadband AND/OR can be spying on an act of mischief so unsuspecting at the same time!

Once set up on the Wi-Fi LAN connection you can log on and view this from anywhere in the world. So you can check in whilst at work, holiday from your laptop/PC or even from the golf course on your mobile phone.

The unit records to an SD card (like the cards you use in a digital camera). It also has a fully adjustable motion detection mode so you can save vital space on your SD card or you can choose to record constantly. Over the Wi-Fi or LAN connection you can view either live or recorded images stored on the Alarm Clock.

It records in an H.264 Algorithm hardware compression.. whatever that means..!?!?! Actually, thats geek speak which means it compresses the video in the same way BBC iPlayer or YouTube compress and stream their video, so its pretty good.

If you want to check up on your home or somebody elses! and don't want to be suspected, this device is perfect for you, we guarantee nobody will suspect a radio as a secret spying camera. Unless they work for us!

Of course, if you have any troubles setting the system up, the omejo.com team are always on hand to help as we have lots of experience as an online security equipment retailer!


2 Band AM/FM Radio.
Audio Video Intercom by Wi-Fi/ Ethernet.
Extra Large 9" Led Display.
Mirror Projection Display.
Dual Alarm Clock, Time Projection Display.
Easy Recording Set-up by Internet.
H.264 Algorithm hardware compression.
Colour CCD 480 TVL High Resolution.
Contents Of Package

1x Wi-Fi IP 2Band AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio Covert Camera.
1x Audio and Video cable. (1.2 meters long)
1x Ethernet cable.

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